Howdy there, I am Kirā!

I am an Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Project and Social Media Manager, and much more!

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Animation Showreel of Year 2021

Presenting my 2021 showreel, showcasing the pinnacle of projects completed during my VFX & Animation Course. These accomplishments were achieved predominantly utilizing Adobe After Effects & Adobe Animate. Although I've been on hiatus from Animation and VFX work, anticipate my return in 2024 with fresh, captivating animation endeavors. Prepare for another impressive showreel at the end of 2024! My upcoming journey involves mastering diverse software, including advanced Adobe Animate, DaVinci Resolve for video edits, Inkscape, and beyond. Stay tuned for an influx of exciting content!

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"Professional: Kira is very experienced in fields such as managing and administrating. They have knowledge on various fields including content creating, advertising, blogging, etc. They are firm and resolute with their decisions, and are hardly swayed... 

"Kira is a great person to work with and I've enjoyed every minute it. He good at what he does in the management field and tries his best towards achieving other skills along the way. I see a bright future with that determination! 

Kira is the most good and professional person I've ever seen. When it comes to community management, Kira does his best to come up with the best stuff. Kira pushes his creativity limits, and the finished product is always impressive...

Personal: They are an honest individual, very kind, funny, friendly, and they have a strong character, trying to improve all the time, and become something better.

Professional: Kira is a hard-working individual, with good communication skills....