About Kira Kun

Hi there! My name is Kira or Mizuki, as you prefer. I am a content creator and manager with a passion to bring stories to life. I think that stories are more powerful them we might always realize, as they have the power to connect us, inspire us and just bring us all together. My goal is to create content and products that not only entertains everyone, but also helps, educates and inspires my audience.


I have been creating and managing things for over 5 years and have worked with a variety of people in different industries from gaming, to coding and developing, to graphic designs and more. From taking my time to manage social media, being a community and project manager, I have gained a unique perspective on what it really takes to build and grow a successful online community and brand. As an artist, photographer, graphic designers and more I am able to bring in the creativity more to live, and concentrate on the details with everything I do. I love to experiment with new techniques and styles and learn something new I would never been able to do before.


When I am not working, you can normally find me around discord communities chatting with the members, playing games with my friends, or listening to some music and watching YouTube or a movie.


As a content creator and manager, I believe that having a good plan and through power of collaboration and building meaningful places and connections with audience, you can do more then you would ever realize you have the power to do. One of my goals is to create a welcoming and inclusive community, in which everyone can feel valued, accepted and loved. If you are someone new, or someone that followed me for a while, I will always be interested to hear people’s feedback and thoughts.


If you’re are interested in working with me, whenever it’s for content creation, social media or community management, or something else, feel free to reach out to me directly on my social medias. I love collaborating with different brands and individuals that share my passion! Let’s bring our visions to life together!