Discord: Hex?!#6441 

Professional: Kira is very experienced in fields such as managing and administrating. They have knowledge on various fields including content creating, advertising, blogging, etc. They are firm and resolute with their decisions, and are hardly swayed by emotions, which is a crucial part in being a manager and administrator. As a part of their Discord community, I have noticed their ambition and revolutionizing ideas. They are pretty helpful and easy to approach to. They have corrected me wherever I have gone wrong and have helped my improve as a moderator, manager and administrator. It has been an absolute pleasure working by their side! I shall look forward to working more projects with them in the future!

Personal: Kira is a very reserved individual. However, they do warm up once they are comfortable around you. Even though they face problems, just like we all do, they handle situations very well, which makes me admire them. They are good with analysing and judging, and quickly pick up on how someone is feeling. They are good with giving advice, and are understanding. They know when to be serious and when to joke around. They can make silly remarks at times, which lightens up the aura around them. Kira maybe firm, but they have a very gentle soul. 

Discord: AvatarKage#3955 

Kira is a great person to work with and I've enjoyed every minute it. He good at what he does in the management field and tries his best towards achieving other skills along the way. I see a bright future with that determination! 

Discord: Hiftie#0001 

Kira is the most good and professional person I've ever seen. When it comes to community management, Kira does his best to come up with the best stuff. Kira pushes his creativity limits, and the finished product is always impressive. Aside from this, Kira is also a great friend. He is one of the people who inspired me to build a great personality. If I have to choose a best friend, Kira can definitely take my slot. Thank you, Kira.

Discord: Maro#1672

Personal: They are an honest individual, very kind, funny, friendly, and they have a strong character, trying to improve all the time, and become something better.

Professional: Kira is a hard-working individual, with good communication skills. I always see them communicating everything with the teams before implementing new things, rather then take an approach on their own and not include their staff. And they do their best to lead people well to their success. 

Discord: Nax#0001 

Kira Kun is a very good manager who always keeps themselves up to date with the latest trends. Their dedication, professionalism, and strong leadership skills make them an excellent manager for any project.