Summer Chaos

Summer Chaos is the first track on the Album: That Summer Vacation. It made its official live debut over @ YouTube on June 28th, 2023. It was later released on July 14, 2023.


"Summer Chaos" is a musical homage to summertime, when the world comes alive with an infectious spirit of fun and adventure. This music reflects the ever-changing rhythms of summer, as each day develops like a new chapter in a bright novel, while the sun paints the sky in warm colours.

Summer is full of events for both youngsters and the adults. It's a season of happiness in the chaos, with beach parties, picnics, and last-minute road excursions becoming the norm. This music captures the feeling that summer is the best time of year, with an amazing combination of leisure, joy, and discovery. It's a soundtrack for relaxing days at the beach, exciting travels in new places, and the simple joy of savouring ice cream in the sun's soft embrace.

"Summer Chaos" encourages you to delve into this ever-changing, yet delightfully chaotic season, and let its beats remind you that summer is a time when memories are built and life is embraced with unfettered passion.

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